Monday, July 28, 2014

Tiny Purry Wisdom...❤

The Cat, so awesome and beautiful
Magnificent and true
Sprinkle his world with catnip
And his one true love will be You...

~The Purry Buddha~

Poem ~ Ode to Coffee...❤

O Coffee, sweet and dark as sin,
my stimulating friend
It’s yet another morning,
we’re meeting once again

So happy in your company.
My tasty morning King
You’re waking all my senses
you’re making my heart sing

I’m pouring yet another cup,
as I dedicate this toast
To you, sweet beans,
my loyal friend,
it’s you I love the most...


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Poem ~ Choices...❤

Most often we learn in a very painful way
By attachments we grow but from life’s flow we stray…

A much better choice is to learn from the heart..
By raising our frequency ~ make a fresh start…

Create a new You, let your old story go…
Connect with your soul and step into life’s flow……

Now lessons appear like the teachers they are
Be a blessing to others, be better
be a star…